Now more than ever, the Yeshiva University Pride Alliance needs your support. But unfortunately, Yeshiva University has gone as far as the Supreme Court to prevent us at Yeshiva University from being able to help LGBTQ+ students on the ground.

The Yeshiva University Pride Alliance is an unofficial group of undergraduate YU students dedicated to helping support YU’s LGBTQ+ community and fostering awareness and sensitivity for the unique experiences of being an LGBTQ+ person in YU and in the general Orthodox community. In addition, the club’s mission is to advocate for LGBTQ+ students’ unconditional inclusion and acceptance as members of the YU community.

Because the YU administration has denied the YU Pride Alliance's request to become an official YU club, the YU Pride Alliance will not receive the resources (such as access to meeting spaces, publicizing student events through campus posters and emails, and opportunities to receive funding) that are afforded to the rest of YU’s undergraduate clubs. Without any access to these resources, we are limited in our ability to run events such as hosting speakers, book clubs, and socials. In a university where many LGBTQ+ students feel like outsiders, these events are vital for ensuring that all YU students have a community they can turn to.

Since our cause became public and in light of recent events, many people have reached out asking how they can support the YU Pride Alliance. In response, we have created this GoFundMe. By donating to us, you will be helping us in our mission to ensure that all Yeshiva University students have a space that is accepting and welcoming.